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Menurut anda apakah tampilan website rajamodem perlu di perbaharui/di remajakan..

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Modem GSM,Huawei E960, HSDPA Wireless Gateway,HSDPA Wireless Router,GSM Modem Router

BandLuxe C180 Telkomsel HSDPA 3.6 Broadband Stick

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Ericsson W35 Mobile Broadband Router, 3G Fixed Wireless Terminal, FWT Ericsson W35

Ericsson W30 3G Mobile Broadband Router

FWT Ericsson W21, Ericsson W21 3G Router

Fixed Wireless Terminal CDMA, EvaFone

FWT GSM Multi ruim, Fwt gsm 4 simcard, FWT MetroTel GSM Multi Ruim TCC-201, gsm multi ruim, fwt multi, fwt gsm 4 simcard, terminal fwt multi ruim

EVAFAX CDMA, Evafax G3, Evafax G3 Ruim

Wavecom 1306B USB

Huawei E583C Mobile 3G Router, Modem 3G Router

FWT GSM, FWT NEW ALFA, Fixed Wireless Terminal

Paket Mesin Fax GSM Optima G3 + Repeater GSM

Paket Mesin Fax GSM Possio Greta + Repeater GSM

Modem GSM Sierra Wireless Extend Modem M2M

Modem Sierra Wireless 305 HSDPA 7.2Mbps




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Sumber: Bank central Asia

 Modem GSM ,GSM Router ,Option Globesurfer III , 3G Router , Routers Globesurfer III , Option Globesurfer III Router , Option Wireless Broadband Router

Nomor Produk : 193
Tersedia : 0
Berat : 3000 gram
Harga : Rp. 1.199.000,00
Tanggal Publish : 30 Sep 2010
 Overview Produk
Packed with new and unique features, the GlobeSurfer III pushes the boundaries of conventional gateway routers. Using a Qualcomm 7225 chipset, this clever device offers HSUPA at 5.76Mbps and HSDPA at 7.2Mbps, as well as AWS support – making it a forerunner in the bandwidth market.

It also provides full telephone functionality, including composing, reading and managing SMS text messages. Hard drives and printers can be connected via the integrated USB port, enabling users to share or back-up files across the LAN, while a printer can be conveniently located and used by all connected PCs.

The GlobeSurfer III is easy to use too, with just two buttons and a clear, color display screen, while unique Notifier software displays alerts and status information across the wireless network.

3G+ data and voice wireless broadband router

  • Colourful Interactive Display Screen
  • High-speed: Upload 5.76Mbps, Download 7.2Mbps
  • Telephony support with Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, CLI and Voicemail
  • Powerful Wi-Fi Network router
  • Easy to use: Intuitive 2-button control
  • Unique "Notifier" software application that displays alerts (SMS etc) and status
  • information across the wireless network
  • Built-in security and firewall functionality
  • Smart design: Desktop or wall-mounted
  • Network (File) Storage facility via USB port
  • Printer Server facility via USB port
  • Web Based Graphical Interface available in multiple languages
  • Easy Browser interface for novice users, and Advanced Browser for power users

Replace unit 1 minggu setelah tanggal pembelian selanjutnya garansi service/perbaikan.
Deskripsi garansi :
- Tidak termasuk karena disebabkan huru hara/sabotase
- Kondisi alam yang ekstrem (tersambar petir)
- Tegangan listrik yang tidak stabil (tegangan mendadak naik diluar kewajaran)
- Karena kesalahan pengguna (human error)
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Modem CDMA serial ini digunakan u SERVER PULSA & SMS GATEWAY, Automated machine-to-machine (M2M)
Public Safety/Emergency Services
Public Transit
Remote Industrial, Medical, Environmental, Monitoring
Remote diagnostics
Security Systems
Telemetry/Remote Metering
Vehicle Tracking/Fleet Management/AVL

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